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What was your first?

August 19, 2015

Pink, plastic, “Barbie” labeled, carrying 110 Kodak film.

That was my first camera. I loved taking photos of anything and everything with it, and my sentiments remain unchanged. Example? The random photo chosen as the featured image for this post. (Although it’s simple, it takes me right back to the day I took it, the feelings, and the people).

Growing up, I rarely remember seeing my dad or my favourite uncle without a camera in tow on our family trips and gatherings. The big bulky kinds that made strange sounds and carried cassettes and film inside. In fact my mom also carried around her little point and shoot too on all our travels, snapping away at all the little things I did and places we went together. That’s where most of my embarassing photos probably came from. Thanks mom. I remember almost everyone around me constantly taking pictures of everything, so I was always pretty comfortable around a camera.

Through them, I learned to place value on my experiences, big and small alike, whether it was building a mini fort out of our couch cushions in the living room (Trinis, you know the kind I mean), or exploring the Hawaiian islands.

I consider my family to have been pretty tech savvy, with their giant cameras and motorola flip phones that were bigger than my head. I actually still have boxes of old VHS tapes and Mini DV cassettes loaded with home movies and I can’t tell you how many times I flip through them or the old photo albums we have. The nostalgia is always overwhelming, in the best ways. I love seeing other people’s family albums too. They tell such stories.

I place great sentimental value on old photos, which is perhaps the reason for my constantly filled camera rolls on my phone. I’m always trying to preserve a glimpse into my present, because I can’t wait to look back on it! (Ok, maybe not the 30 selfies… )

Anyway, in light of it being World Photo Day I thought it fitting to share a little insight into my love of photos and photography. I’m not by any means a real ‘photographer’, but I do qualify as a genuine lover of the art form that it is.

I once read that “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone” which about sums things up. I can’t ever see myself not taking tons of photos of anything and everything, and I know for sure that I’ll continue the tradition of giving cameras to kids. Mine gave me one of my favourite escapes today, and I know my future kids will one day feel the same. You have to start somewhere right? Even if it’s on a pink, plastic, “Barbie” labeled camera.


What was your first camera? I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments below!


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  • Reply Candice August 20, 2015 at 1:03 am

    Ohmegosh! My first camera was a pink canon power shot! I remember when I bought it I was in my glee!!! Snapped millions of pics with it, haha. Wish I had printed some of them now cuz I lost most pics when my old computer hard drive died 😩

    • Reply Aimee August 20, 2015 at 1:12 pm

      Awwww. Wow! My first ‘real’ digital point and shoot was a Canon powershot too! I loved it and took such pride in my photos! It was a gift from my mom, all of my cameras were actually. I wish I printed mine too, now I make sure to print some of my favourites so that I’ll always have them. Wish I could have seen some of your first shots, mine remind me of how long a way I’ve come… hehe

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