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Oops… I did it again.

October 3, 2015

Lately, I think if pop lyrics described my current emotional state, ‘Oops I did it again’ would probably be most accurate.

Ever felt like you were stuck in a loop, on repeat? Going in circles… You know… Like, you promised yourself you wouldn’t eat junk food again, or let little things get to you, or you promised yourself to have a better attitude towards that one person who stirs up the anger in your soul?

But… after making the resolve to change… YOU DO IT AGAIN???!

THAT’s ME! Well, lately anyway…

What is it that makes us repeat our mistakes? Why do we all tend to back ourselves into familiar corners when as human beings, we have a great deal of power to exercise free will and make changes?

After my last post, I promised myself I would make more time for blogging… but apparently ain’t nobody makin’ time for that here!

Perhaps, stepping out of our comfort zones challenges us in greater ways than we feel prepared for. Perhaps we’re lazy or too engrossed in the millions of distractions around us… or focused so much on other people’s problems that we lose focus of our own.

Whatever it is, it’s an epidemic. I can’t keep track of how many people around me, myself included, feel as though time is pressing on, but we’re stagnant or not making enough progress.

WHY does it seem so hard to make the first step out of this predicament???? WHY is it so hard to know what that step should be??!!??! Why is it so hard to make a change? How can we make it easier?! *cue panic attacks and hyper ventilation*

Unfortunately, I haven’t found the answer to my own questions… So I’m really asking here! Your comments are both welcomed and encouraged!

In the event that there’s not much feedback, I’ll take that to mean that you’re searching for the answers too… and I’ll make it my mission to figure it out and get back to you. I’m determined to find an answer.


So… stay tuned…


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  • Reply Kadi October 4, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    Oh goodness, same here! When you figure it out put pleaseeee get back to me! THANKS! 🙂 Great post by the way!

  • Reply Aimee October 6, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    Glad to be sharing this boat with someone else! I sureeee will! Thank youuuuuuuuu💕

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