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A Mother’s Day Tribute

May 13, 2018

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a ‘mother’ as the source or origin of a thing. It also describes the term as a transitive verb meaning:

1. a: to give birth to
b: to give rise to; produce

2. to care for or protect like a mother

Why’d I consult a dictionary on this? I needed to understand the formally accepted definition of “a mother.” 

“But, why?”, you ask? You see… my mother has always been above and beyond all understanding of any definition of what a mother is, and ought to be.

Her LOVE, her PATIENCE, her COMPASSION, and her GRACE, go far beyond allllll that I could ever comprehend.

I ask myself:

How can one person give 110% of herself to everyone, and everything, EVERY-SINGLE-DAY without allowing the edges and thorns of others to detract from her intention to deliver her best?

How does one become so sacrificial that she is able to deny herself anything and everything to secure the happiness and approval of someone else? (I’m the someone else).

How does one person posses the love of an endless ocean, defend their child with the strength of an army, and allow them-self to be the wind beneath their child’s proverbial wings without asking for even an ounce of gratitude or anything else in return?

HOW can one love someone despite their flaws, despite their bad days, their inabilities, and all other humanistic defects????????

I don’t know. I truly do not have the answers to the questions of “How?“, above.

But I do know one thing. My mother is the “WHO”, to the above “HOW??” She is the only person I know, who can do all and be all that I’ve said. 

She is a defying act to everything that I have ever learned or experienced. I cannot fathom her heart; I know not where it begins nor ends, and I do not believe her grace knows any bounds.

If you know me at all, I am one who is strong on limits. I believe everything that bends, may break.

But, my dearest mom is without limits… and I am far undeserving of this treasure I somehow managed to acquire.

She is beyond any definition that exists, and greater than anything that anyone has ever seen. There is not a single person on this planet that I believe in more, and she is greater than I can ever hope to be. I still don’t know how she is mine, but I do know that she is incredible.

To the mom who’s name breathes who she is: I stand in awe. You are more than I could have prayed for, and better than any mom I could dream of ever having.

You are more than the definition claims a mother to be, I’d say you’re the definition 2.0

Happy Mother’s Day mom, I love you always.

PS: Here are a couple reasons to validate everything else I’ve written, in pictorial form. Please note that I will not be liable for any embarassment caused. I also want to say that these are all scanned images… so this serves as proof that I do actually love you, else I’d have gone the digital route like all the other lame daughters out there..


It’s been us from the very start, taking on the world together. (Aruba? Venezuela? I can’t remember. Too many pigeons. PTSD)

You’ve made me laugh. (That’s your hand right there.)

You’ve been there when I cried. (Even when tears were probably over stupid things… like this right here… this is at Epcot…) *** Friends please note my impeccable style, and original Baby-G Digital Wristwatch. 😎

Through big first’s (like graduating pre-school… even though I probably only actually stayed in school 13% of the time and I cried every single day..) *** You’re not in this one, because you took it 🙂

First day of Primary school, and you still managed to look beautiful. (Note to Past-Aimee: WIPE THAT GRIN OFF YOUR FACE, SCHOOL WILL NEVER MAKE YOU THAT HAPPY!!!!! You’re going to hate it, even when you’re 26 😂)

You’ve been there supporting me… even when I was clearly embarrassing. (PLEASE NOTE MY IMAGINARY FRIEND seen most prominent here, in Hawaii…) *** I decided to fulfil my childhood imagination goals through Photoshop so that I look less strange to be so proud of my “friend” making the photo.

You’ve fed me. You let me wear the most unusual fashion combos, even when on vacation in LA.

You made sure that I’m well-rounded and experienced. (Australia, feeding kangaroos).

But most importantly, you’ve never left my side. I’ll always look up to you, even though now I’m more like your mom. YES THAT’S RIGHT YOUNG LADY. 53 does not mean you can do whatever you want. NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM! *** Friends, I apologize for my slightly wack appearance…. as prefaced earlier, my fashion choices were questionable as were my haircuts.

Oh, and to anyone else reading this – Happy Mother’s Day to you too. May your love for your mom, and those like a mom around you grow stronger and bolder. If you’ve lost a mom, I can’t imagine what that’s like… but after knowing the love of a mom, I know too that it never fades… so may you be wrapped in the love of a mom always.


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Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After – Jodi + Regan

March 17, 2016

It’s not everyday that you come across couples whose relationships have stood the test of time. I’ve seen social media swarming with new relationships and young love, and while there’s an adorable quality to all of it – I have always felt a sense of awe over couples that’ve grown up together and stayed true for years upon years. That’s where my true ‘awwwww’ moments are born.

Couples like my grandparents, who have honoured ’till death do us part’ and share generations of lessons, love, struggles and everything else that comes with a relationship have a different kind of structural integrity that I can’t help but admire. I only have a few couples in my life, and by few I mean like three… who have marriages and relationship stories that inspire me… and boy do I try to learn from them. It’s a rarity in this world, but social media often tells us that everyone has those amazing perfect relationships.

What social media doesn’t tell you is that it’s much more about getting through the rough than enjoying the #datenights. It’s about fighting for what you want, maintaining a firm grip on your beliefs, and striking a balance that mutually encourages, supports and strengthens both people involved. I believe the same goes for friendship. You have to choose friends who are willing to go through the tough times WITH you, knowing that the journey will be long, but will be worth it if you’re both heading towards well aligned goals.

If you’ve found that in a friendship, or relationship, I suggest you count your blessings and work at it to keep it going. Hold on to it tight, because it’s the stuff that so many only dream of. If you haven’t, there’s a time and season for everything – so take the time to improve yourself until you do.

For Jodi & Regan, the sister and brother in law of my dear friend Kade – they seemed to have found the perfect recipe that works for them. They seem to have found it, and are holding on tight! Being the lover of weddings, engagements and all the mushy stuff that I am –  I thoroughly enjoyed tagging alongto grab a few shots of their journey towards the big day. It was clear to see how well they fit together, and super inspiring. Shout out to all the dreamers out there (myself included) – it’s possible!

Here are a few shots from their engagement shoot… Stayed tuned for shots of their destination wedding!IMG_0183rblog








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All images © 2016 Aimee Melyssa

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